Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice
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Breaking the Ice: Learning to Share Our Stories
Conversations with Donald Miller and Phyllis Tickle

Join Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) and Phyllis Tickle (The Divine Hours, The Shaping of a Life) as they share stories from their own lives and discuss the value of sharing our stories with others.

  • What’s my story? Why is it important?
  • How have places impacted my life?
  • Who are the key people who have shaped my life?
  • What have been the key conflicts in my life? How have they shaped me?
  • What can I learn from listening to someone else’s story?

Three 15 Minute Episodes
Episode 1 The Importance of Story and Place

Episode 2 People, Ambitions & Conflict

Episode 3 Scenes of Redemption and New Life

Bonus Material


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